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Keke Activity Bag

Keke Activity Bag

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Price Includes: 1 Keke Bag, 4 Pouches

Our Keke bags come with 4 pouches that target different emerging skills: social/emotional, fine motor, pre-academics, and creative. The bag is built for little hands and to withstand stains and spills. Each bag also provides extra storage for anything else they might need on the go. We break down the contents of the bag here!

PS: Want to add empty pouches to your order? We've got you covered! 

Click here to add on our pouch subscription. Our subscription service delivers 3 new pouches plus a loose creative activity to your door every 12 weeks!

Dimensions of bag: 9 x 10 inches, 3.5 inches thick

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  • Educational: Learn Through Play

    - Every pouch offers themes that focus on specific educational concepts so your children will be entertained without realizing they're learning

    - Teaches children responsibility by caring for their bag

  • Durable: Built for Children

    - Our bags are built for little hands to grip and handle on their own.

    - Made to withstand stains and spills (because, well, kids) with an easy to grip zipper.

  • Everything in One Place

    - The Keke bag was designed to be paired with our pouch subscription to make your life easy!

    - Click here to add on our pouch subscription so new pouches are delivered to your door every 12 weeks!

  • Organized: Everything In One Place

    - Quickly swap pouches in and out so there are always new activities in the rotation.

    - Each bag provides extra storage for anything else they might need on the go: silverware, snacks, masks, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen to name a few. There's a place for everything.

  • “We will never travel to a restaurant, doctor’s office, airport, etc without them again! I promise you’ll enjoy traveling & dinners out with your family way more once you have this tool to keep your kids engaged!”

    - Sara M.

  • “We keep our Keke bags by the front door and as we are walking out the door we find ourselves asking if we have our keys, phone, and our Keke bags- all essentials in our mind before going anywhere with the kids.”

    - Mike S.

  • “The Keke subscription is a game-changer! We swap the pouches in and out so our son is never bored. We love that we don’t have to worry about being prepared- the Keke bag makes us feel like parents who always have it together! HA!”

    - Joanna W.