A Peek Inside The Bag

Keke the Kangaroo is busy delivering bags and we cannot wait for you to dig into your bag! Inside you’ll find four pouches, each filled with activities that target different emerging skills. We wanted to break down each activity in your bag for you and show you all the ways your kids can use them, as well as the skills they are gaining while doing so.


Image of the dot number game included in pouch 1

Pouch 1: Dot Number Game

There are so many things to be learned using our dot number game. The two different sides provide lots of fun opportunities for learning!

How to use:

One side has spaces that the circle dots fit in, corresponding to the written number. This promotes counting with 1:1 correspondence. On the back, you will find a narrative asking about the objects in the picture that match the opposite side number. For example, the squirrel has 7 acorns, so let's count the acorns.

For our 3-4 year old friends, identifying the number and matching the circle dots will be challenging and a lot of fun. They can also identify the colors and match the colors on the card to the circle dots. We also encourage number tracing by using their finger to trace the large number.

For our 5-6 year old friends, identifying math signs, comparing quantities as well as creating “math stories” will be very engaging! For example, does the number 5 have more circle dots or does the number 9 have more dots? For all ages, your kiddos can make patterns out of the circle dots. The possibilities are endless!


Image of scratch art included in Pouch 2

Pouch 2: Scratch Art

Dive in with our ocean animal scratch art! Your little ones can uncover the different sea animals by using their pincer grasp to hold the stylus to scratch off and see what's below. This helps with fine motor skills and gets those creative thoughts flowing.

How to use:

For ages 3-6 we recommend letting your little artist take the lead. Letting them scratch off whatever they want to uncover what's in the deep ocean.


Image of face change rubik cube included in Pouch 3

Pouch 3: Face Change Rubik Cube

This activity promotes social/ emotional skills by identifying different emotions on the cubes and cards and matching images and storytelling. Your kiddos will also utilize their fine motor and pre-writing skills by using their pincer grasp to turn and manipulate blocks and cards.

How to use it:

Your kiddo will pick a card and identify the emotion. Once they’ve identified the emotion, they will match the expression on the cubes. If you have more than one person you can create a game out of picking a card and trying to find the corresponding emotion on the blocks. This is also a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations. Once your child identifies the emotion ask them about a time when they felt happy, silly, or sad. You never know what gems you’ll uncover from asking a few questions.


Image of lacing toys included in Pouch 4

Pouch 4: Lacing Toys

Our fun animal lacing toys are used to promote fine motor skills, motor planning, hand-eye coordination, pincer grasp, and strengthen dexterity (just to name a few!). This activity helps set up your kiddos for shoe-tying, writing, scissor skills and so much more.

How to use:

For ages 3-6 we recommend using the lace to string through all the holes. Let your little artist decide what patterns they want to create! A crazy lion's mane? We’re here for it!

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