Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are Keke bags designed for?

Our bags and pouches are recommended for 3-6 year-olds.

How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription will last until you cancel. Cancel anytime by emailing us at

When do my pouches ship?

Our pouch subscription ships automatically every 12 weeks. All subscriptions will be sent out at the same time, regardless of when you purchased the initial subscription. Our subscription schedule is March, June, September, and December. You must purchase your subscription two weeks prior to the ship date to be included in the next subscription round. (For example, if you purchase a subscription by May 15th, you will receive your next subscription in June. If you purchase your subscription on May 28, you will get your first subscription in September). The great news is if you purchase a Keke Bag with your subscription, you’ll have four amazing pouches to keep your little ones occupied until the subscription arrives!

How do I know if the activities are appropriate for my child?

We work with different educators and specialists to ensure there is a rotation of engaging and stimulating activities for your 3-6 year-olds.

Are there directions for the activities?

Keke’s Korner will provide you with multiple examples on how your child can not only play but also grow with the activities.

The binder mechanism seems very strong, is it safe?

The three ring binder is very strong to withstand multiple rotations of pouches and years of use. We recommend only adults open and close the binder. If your child would like to pick and rotate pouches we suggest always having an adult to help open and close.

How do I clean my Keke bag?

We suggest spot cleaning. We know that things can get messy but we recommend a simple spot cleaning to do the trick.

What if my Keke bag breaks?

Contact us here.