About Us

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Meet Keke the Kangaroo

It all started with a Kangaroo. Keke the Kangaroo to be exact. There is a reason you see a hopping Kangaroo scattered through our website and bags. Keke (short for Keep Every Kid Engaged) the Kangaroo delivers pouches (get it?!) that entertain and educate your children.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between how you expected to entertain your children and the reality of actually keeping your little ones engaged on the go (that doesn’t require you to have a next-level crafting ability).

Our mission is to provide your children (around ages 3-6 years old) with activities that target different emerging skills: social/emotional, fine motor, pre-academics, and creative. We want to help make your life easier by providing activities that work just as well for travel or at home. You can trust that your child's Keke subscription provides fun and educational activities to your door quarterly, so you can rest assured that your kids will never tire of their bags!

Another important reason we founded this company? To extend your time. By providing a rotation of engaging activities your children will stay entertained longer, allowing you to answer that work call, feed your newborn, have more time at a restaurant, in the car, on the sideline of a soccer game, or have a glass of wine in peace (no judgment here).

Who We Are

Passionate parents with a background in education, who wanted a creative way to entertain and educate their children on the go. We were looking for a better solution that would help us feel prepared when we were out and about with our children.

We are realists and know that children (and parenting) are unpredictable. We had many ideas about how we thought we would parent until we actually had kids.

At the end of the day, we’re parents who get it. We get the struggle of getting out the door on time and trying to remember to grab everything we need. No judgment on screen time but it was important to us to provide a safe, educational alternative.