Spring 2024 (March, April, May) Pouch Subscription

Spring is here! And that means, Spring time excursions, spontaneous warm weather outings and new activities to keep your kiddo engaged. 

Enter our Spring 2024 Pouch Subscription! It contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative guaranteed to entertain whether you're picnicking outside or on a road trip for Spring Break. 

(PS, don't have a pouch subscription yet? You can sign up anytime here. Our pouches ship every 3 months, depending on when you first place your order. The activities in our pouches change after those 3 months to ensure you always get new activities, no matter when you signed up). 

What's Coming This Spring? 

Pouch 1: Picasso Wooden Face Puzzle 

Get ready to let your inner artist out with our Picasso Wooden Face Puzzle. 

Our puzzle features a collection of uniquely shaped wooden pieces that, when assembled, form a charming and expressive face inspired by Picasso's iconic art style.

The puzzle's manageable size is perfect for little hands, helping to promote a sense of accomplishment as children tap into their creativity to create a fun face. 

Emerging Skills Focus: [PS- what do we mean by emerging skills? Check out the education behind our company here!]

The puzzle not only keeps young minds entertained but also supports cognitive development, spatial reasoning, fine motor skills and social/emotional skills. 


Pouch #2: Connecting Blocks and Cards 

Endless fun will be had with our Block Connect Learning Cubes, an engaging toy that seamlessly blends the joy of play with essential early learning concepts. These vibrant and versatile cube blocks are designed to spark creativity and educational exploration in young minds. Your kiddo can use the cubes to form letters, spell out words, create simple math equations, and construct imaginative patterns. Each BlockConnect Cube features a unique interlocking mechanism which allows for kiddos to connect them easily. 

Emerging Skills Focus:

The tactile nature of the cubes enhances sensory development, while the visual stimulation from the bright colors promotes early cognitive skills. 


Pouch #3: Balancing Animal Game

Our balancing animal game is not just an ordinary stacking game; it's a captivating challenge that encourages children to explore the principles of balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. 

The set includes a variety of adorable animal shapes (hello colorful elephants, alligators and so many more), each with a carefully calculated weight distribution which helps to add an element of surprise to the stacking game. Encourage your kiddos by asking, "How high can you go?" 

Emerging Skills Focus:

Fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, enhancing their understanding of balance and symmetry. 


Loose Creative: Stick Pet Book with Wax Sticks

This activity not only encourages creativity but also helps develop fine motor skills as children manipulate and mold the wax sticks to whatever pet they choose.  Using our book as a guide your kiddo can draw or craft a 3D wax stick pet. The only limit is their imagination!  

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