The Education Behind Keke

Children playing with keke bags


Our pouches are what make our Keke bags extra special. Each Keke bag comes with four pouches and each subscription (delivered 4 times a year) arrives with three new pouches plus a loose creative activity. Each group of pouches is intentionally put together to incorporate a wide range of different emerging skills that are important for development. We did the homework so you can rest assured your kids will be entertained, have fun and learn without even realizing they’re learning new skills.

The Different Emerging Skills Covered in your Pouches

Social/Emotional Skills

Important to have better relationships with others and gain self-confidence and self-regulation. Examples include:

  • cooperating with others
  • turn-taking
  • using words to communicate
  • understanding rules
  • awareness of others’ feelings
  • conflict resolution
  • feeling empathy
  • self-confidence

Fine Motor Skills

The use of dexterity and coordination of small muscles in fingers, hands, and wrists to make precise movements. Examples include:

  • picking up small objects
  • puzzles
  • placing beads on a string
  • turning a page in a book
  • handling a pencil/pen
  • using scissors

Other similar skills include:

  • bilateral coordination
  • grip and pinch strength
  • hand-eye coordination
  • gross grasp
  • visual-motor skills
  • in-hand manipulation

Pre-academic Skills

  • identify and write upper and lower cases letters of the alphabet
  • read and spell simple sight words
  • identify and write numbers
  • count numbers; add and subtract
  • 1:1 correspondence
  • know vowel and consonant sounds
  • Identify colors and shapes, draws shapes
  • rhyming
  • pattern making

Creative Skills

  • imaginative play
  • story telling
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • singing and dancing
  • dress up
  • crafting
  • imagination skills
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