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Welcome to Keke’s Korner. A space dedicated to play-based learning, educational (and fun) activities, and tips and tricks on all the different ways to utilize everything in your Keke bags.

We figured a great way to introduce the brand is by answering the question, how does it all work? What is a Keke bag? And why should you buy one for every 3-6 year old you know?

It all started with Jenn Mariani (more on her here) and her desire to provide her two girls with a solution to be entertained, without screens, while on the go. Keke is Jenn’s brainchild and the idea of Keke, short for Keep Every Kid Engaged, came to her one day after a nap (she is the mom of two young girls, so the nap checks out).

All your kid needs to know is that Keke the Kangaroo delivers pouches to your door every quarter filled with new activities. What do you need to know? The logistics behind it!

Purchasing your Keke Bag

You have two options when buying your Keke Bag.

  1. You can purchase the bag and four pouches for $64.99. Each pouch targets a different emerging skill set (you can read more about those here).
  2. You can add on our pouch subscription service. Every quarter for $39.99 you will receive another three pouches plus a loose creative activity, all targeting those different emerging skill sets. We promise to email you before each delivery making it simple to cancel (although we promise, you won’t want to). In anticipation of each new delivery, we will email you information on what to expect with the upcoming pouches, how the activities can be used, and which skill sets they target. You will feel on top of your game as a parent and your kids will be so engaged you won’t find yourself reaching for a screen to occupy them (but if you do- no judgment here). Every subscription will ship following the same 12 week schedule, based on the timing of your initial order: Spring (just in time for Spring Break), Summer (hello, summer travel), Fall (back to school prep and a great companion for all the school sports sidelines), and Winter (a perfect holiday gift and for getting through that oh-so-long long winter break).


Keke bags lined up diagonally


We are always just an email away and if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at

We promise a very real person will get back to you!

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