Winter 2023/2024 (December, January, February) Pouch Subscription

The temperatures are dropping, family trips are coming up and activities have moved inside. Have no fear- your kiddo's Winter Pouch Subscription is here!

Our Winter subscription contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative guaranteed to entertain whether they're stuck inside on a snowy day, on winter break or on a family trip. 

(PS, don't have a pouch subscription yet? You can sign up anytime here. Our pouches ship every 3 months, depending on when you first place your order. The activities in our pouches change after those 3 months to ensure you always get new activities, no matter when you signed up). 

What's Coming This Winter? 

Pouch 1: Clock Activity 

There are a number (get it!) of reasons we love our clock activity. 

We love pairing the clocks with our time cards to open up conversations about schedules. What comes before, during or after certain times in the day is a great way to work on social emotional expectations throughout your kiddos day. 

Emerging Skills Focus: [PS- what do we mean by emerging skills? Check out the education behind our company here!]

Expressively and receptively identifying the numbers on the clock contributes to your child’s growing pre-academic skills. What do we mean by expressively and receptively? These are both crucial emerging skills for ages 3-6. Expressive is verbal (i.e. asking your kiddo, "what number is this?" and they answer you). Receptive is nonverbal (i.e. asking your kiddo to point to the number 5 on the clock). 

Talking about the relationship between the hour and minute hand can help facilitate problem solving skills.  

For our younger friends: Identifying the numbers on the clock and moving the hands around are a fun way to get them to engage. 

For our older friends: Ask them to start counting by 5s. They can identify the hour and minute hand and match the time on the cards to the clock. This is also a great way to talk about schedules and manage expectations about routines. 

Clock with corresponding time cards


Pouch 2: Colorful Logic Puzzle

One of our most entertaining games yet! We love this logic puzzle because it utilizes many different emerging skills. 

 Emerging Skills Focus:

Using pincer grasp to pick up the sticks and circles will activate those fine motor skills, especially if they are trying to balance the sticks on top of one another. 

For our younger friends: Identifying colors expressively and receptively is a fun way to play together. Sorting the sticks and circles into two different piles and working on patterns will help hone their problem solving skills. 

For our older friends: Matching and solving patterns to corresponding cards will work on their divergent thinking skills. 

Colorful logic puzzle with matching cards


Pouch #3: Panda Face Game 

Who doesn't love cute pandas? We adore this game and with so many pieces there are endless ways to put faces together (can you tell that we really love activities that feel endless?). Helping your kiddo to identify emotions can be a wonderful opportunity to develop important social skills. Once your child identifies the emotion ask them about a time when they felt happy, sad or mad. We appreciate them all and love to talk through it. A fun family activity that always makes us laugh? Create a panda face and then have everyone make their own facial expression match!

Emerging Skills Focus: 

Fine motor skills will be used to place the squares inside the face. Your kiddos will exercise their social and emotional skills when talking through emotions and sharing stories behind times when they experienced each emotion. 

panda face card game

Loose Creative: Winter Scratch Art

This one is such a favorite and we can see why! 'Tis the season to bring some Winter Scratch Art back into the rotation! Your little ones can uncover the different festive winter scenes by using the stylus in any pattern or method they'd like. 

Emerging Skills Focus:

Pincer grasp is used to hold the stylus.

winter scratch art

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