Summer 2023 Pouch Subscription

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Our Summer subscription contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative guaranteed to entertain whether they're poolside, stuck inside on a rainy day or traveling on a family trip.

(PS, don't have a pouch subscription yet? You can sign up anytime here. Our pouches ship every 3 months, depending on when you first place your order. The activities in our pouches change after those 3 months to ensure you always get new activities, no matter when you signed up). 

Pouch 1: Space Matching Game

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF TO FUN!!!  Our out-of-this-world memory game will have everyone exploring new galaxies. We love this for working on attention span, critical thinking, and fine motor. This fun game will expand your kiddos' social emotional skills by turn-taking, organization, developing language and problem-solving. This super fun game can be played anywhere from airplanes and restaurants to when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. It can be played with one person or many friends! 

How we use it:

Your kiddos can play the classic way. Start with all cards face down and take turns until someone finds a match.  If playing with more than one person, encourage kids to take turns and talk about what is on their cards. At the end of the game see if you can tell a story about an outer space voyage. Ask, "what kind of planets would they like to visit?"

Pouch 2: Pattern and Matching Game

This might be one of our favorites as there are so many possibilities.  The cards have a solid color side and a different shape side. Slide around the pieces on the wooden board to match the corresponding cards.  This game really hits on all the skills.  Identifying shapes, and colors work on pre-academics, and pattern recognition is a component in mathematics, all while using fine motor to slide the pieces around. Using problem-solving skills to match the corresponding cards and social-emotional for turn-taking and racing against the timer.  Fun will be had with this game just about anywhere! 

How we use it

3-4 year olds

Expressively and receptively identify the different colors and shapes. Kiddos will use their fine motor skills to move around the pieces. Your kiddos can also identify the different patterns using their language skills.  

5-6 year olds

Identifying the colors and shapes is always fun for this age group. This is a great opportunity for turn taking and building those social emotional skills.  But it also a fantastic game individually.  How many card can they get through?  Race against the timer and find out! 

Pouch 3: Suction Cup Toy

We know your kiddos will love our bright and entertaining suction cup toy.  With endless patterns and shapes to create this toy provides entertainment for hours. Your kiddos will work on hand eye coordination and fine motor to build whatever inspires.  This activity can be played individually (and works on independence) or with more than one friend (which fosters their social skills). 

How we use…

Identify all the fun colors and get to creating.  No rules with this game! Encourage kids to build high or to the side, shapes or whatever inspires them.  

Loose Creative: Stamps and Notebook

As summer approaches we are already melting for our ice cream stamps and retro notebook ( we know the 90’s are back. But did they ever really go out of style?).  Our loose creative is sure to keep you kiddos entertained.  

How we use…

Use the stamps on the notebook to create a summer inspired piece of art.  We also love the notebook to draw and journal about all your kiddos summer adventures.  Whether it’s to the beach or an outdoor picnic we can’t wait to see what is created. Don’t forget to ask for sprinkles!

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