Fall 2022 Pouch Subscription

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Your Fall 2022 Pouch Subscription contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative so you can mix and match to keep things fresh and fun. 

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What's Coming In September?  

Pouch 1: Magnetic Owl Maze

Our fun magnetic owl maze may seem simple yet it's anything but. We love the owl maze because it's used to promote fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, pincer grasp and pre-academic skills by identifying colors and the parts of the owl. 

How to use:

At all ages your kiddos can grasp the stylus and move the balls around the maze.  Ask your kiddos to identify the different colors of the balls. Then ask them to follow simple directions, such as, “ Can you put the red ball on top of the owl's eye?”

You can also incorporate learning about right and left.  “Can you put the green ball on the owl’s left wing?” or “Where is the owl's left eye?”  We also suggest timing how long it takes them to complete the maze (what kid doesn't love being timed for fun?).  Challenge them by asking how quickly they can get all the balls in the center. 

Owl Maze


Pouch 2: Veggie and Fruit Puzzle

This is one our personal favorites! It makes learning about different fruits and vegetables so much fun. It’s a great way to start conversations about food and help your kiddos use their social skills by engaging with others.  For example, ask, "Who loves strawberries?" "Who loves broccoli?"

Putting each puzzle piece together uses their fine motor skills and taps into pre-academics by matching the pieces and sorting into different groups. Ask them to match the colors, fruits, vegetables, or into categories such as things they like or dislike (bonus points when your kid says they like broccoli). 

How we use:

Match the different pieces of fruits and veggies.  Then sort them into different groups by colors, type and preference. Identify the different pieces not only by the image but by the letter/words on the back. We love the idea of making a “recipe.” Fruit salad anyone?


Pouch 3: Wooden Blocks

Our awesome wooden blocks will provide endless amounts of entertainment! These blocks are different shapes and colors and help to promote creative thinking, problem solving, fine motor, social engagement and so much more.

How we use:

How many different stacks can you make? How high can you build a tower? We love asking our kiddos to sort them into short or long shapes and then try counting how many sides the different blocks have. 


Loose Creative: Wax Sticks and Shape cards

These reusable wax sticks are much more than meets the eye and you'll fine your kiddo's creativity is endless.  Encourage them to make whatever shape and scene they want by bending and rolling these sticks. Kiddos can identify different shapes on the cards and then use the sticks to create their own matching shapes.  

How we use:

Let the creative juices flow! Create shapes or build a house or outline words they know on a restaurant menu. 



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