Fall 2023 (September, October, November) Pouch Subscription

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It's Back-to-School Fall Subscription time! Speaking from personal experience, we had a great summer but are thrilled that our kiddos are headed back to school (we can't be the only ones, right?). Our Fall subscription contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative that help support the new skills your kiddos are learning in school.

(PS, don't have a pouch subscription yet? You can sign up anytime here. Our pouches ship every 3 months, depending on when you first place your order. The activities in our pouches change after those 3 months to ensure you always get new activities, no matter when you signed up). 

What's Coming This Fall? 

Pouch 1: Rubber Band Board & Cards

This is a fun and creative game with many designs to choose from with over 20 image cards! The designs range from easy to hard, so the activity grows with your kiddos' abilities to recreate and match. 

Emerging Skills Focus: [PS- what do we mean by emerging skills? Check out the education behind our company here!]

For 3-6 year olds stretching and manipulating the bands not only works on muscular hand strength but also helps improve hand eye coordination. Our fun game encourages their creativity and strengthens their focus. We are big fans of free play (allowing them to create their own designs) which increases their independence. Who knew rubber brands could do so much! 

Depending on their ages, your kiddos can use the corresponding cards to work on different shapes and different designs. Our cards will teach your kiddos to identify shapes and different colors as well. 


 Rubber band card game


Pouch 2: ABC Puzzle Pieces 

This is truly the most requested game in our house. It's colorful, creative and offers endless ways to entertain. 

Emerging Skills Focus: 

Your kiddo will use their fine motor skills to snap the puzzle pieces together in place.  Expressive and receptive language skills are both targeted while identifying letters and colors. Working on phonics will be oh-so-fun by having your learner pick a letter and make the corresponding sound!

Another fun way we like to use this puzzle is by asking your kiddo to put the alphabet together in order while singing the song (educational and amusing for you!). 

Age Tip:

For our older friends, identifying vowels and starting to spell 3 (or more!) letter sight words will add to the variety of this game.



ABC Puzzle 

Pouch 3: Sorting & Stacking Puzzle 

With 50+ cards this game is sure to offer fresh ways to entertain your kiddo. The fun and bright color pieces and pattern cards open up a world of creativity. The cards provide suggestions of creating shapes, animals, transportation vehicles and so much more.

Emerging Skills Focus: 

Logical thinking, problem solving, hand eye coordination and spatial awareness are all addressed while your kiddo engages with this game. 

Age Tip: 

Since there are so many cards to choose from, we often store half of them out of the pouch. When our kiddos have "mastered" one set, we rotate in the other set for a whole new game. The cards also offer a wide range from easy to difficult so for our younger friends, feel free to hold on to the more challenging cards until they've grown. 

sorting and stacking puzzle pieces



Loose Creative: Make Your Own Sticker Faces 

Who doesn’t love a fun sticker, especially one you get to change the faces on! Silly? Happy? Sad? Your kiddo gets to decide how their character gets to feel that day and then change it the next day. Don’t forget about the accessories. Encourage your kiddo to identify the different feelings their sticker is portraying. We love the idea of a story about their fun character! Where would they go? What would they eat? Let the laughs begin.

make your own face stickers

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