Winter 2022 Pouch Subscription

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Your Winter Pouch Subscription contains 3 new pouches and 1 loose creative so you can mix and match to keep things fresh and fun. 

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What's Coming In December?  

Pouch 1: Logical Puzzle

Our fun logical thinking puzzle utilizes your kiddo's ability to think through problems and apply strategies for solving them. Such strategies require the ability to make connections among events or ideas, such as cause and effect relationships and comparisons.

How we use:

Sort and match the corresponding pieces together. Your kiddo will use fine motor skills to connect the pieces together.  Encourage conversations about how each of the puzzle pieces go together, since all have a slightly different relationship to one another.   

Pouch 2: Spin Letter Cubes and Cards

Great for travel (no little pieces getting lost!) and there are many fun possibilities with this game, it will keep them entertained for a long time. You'll find four different spindles with letters and cards in the pouch. These activities encourage receptive and expressive identification of not only the letters on the spindles but also on the cards. It also builds up pre-academic skills by identifying the pictures on the cards while increasing their language skills.  

How we use:

3-5 year olds may identify the different letters on the spindles and pictures on the cards. Encourage identifying the sounds different letters make.  

5-6 year olds may match the words on the spindles with the letters on the cubes.  This encourages early reading skills. Another prompt we love to ask the older kiddos is, "how many words can you find on one spindle?"

 Pouch 3: Beading Toys

Yes, we know. There are a *LOT* of little pieces but there are so many possibilities! For pre-academics skills we love encouraging our kiddos to make pattens, identify shapes and colors all while working on those fine motor abilities. 

How we use:

Let your kiddo have fun while making different patterns. Ask them to create shapes or our personal favorite- creating necklaces for the whole family by tying the string once their masterpiece is complete. 


Loose Creative: Winter Edition of Scratch Art 

'Tis the season! Get in the winter mood with this festive winter scratch art! Your little ones can uncover the different sea animals by using their pincer grasp to hold the stylus to scratch off and see what's below. This helps with fine motor skills and gets those creative thoughts flowing.

How to use:

For ages 3-6 we recommend letting your little artist take the lead. Letting them scratch off whatever they want, in whatever pattern they wish! 


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