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Founder of Keke Jenn Mariani, our Founder standing next to a stack of boxes

 Jenn Mariani, our Founder


It all started with Jenn Mariani and her desire to provide her two girls with a solution to be entertained, without screens, while on the go. Jenn’s background in education, her creativity, and her love of kids led her to create Keke.

Jenn searched everywhere for a grab-and-go bag that she could have ready to go, in those crucial moments when everyone is rushing out the door. She also wanted the bag to make traveling with kids easier and to help her feel more prepared when the unexpected happened (the inevitable travel delays and getting stranded at airports). Her girls are at an age where diaper bags are a thing of the past but she didn’t have a replacement that made her feel organized and prepared.

After an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for such a bag, she decided to make her own, and Keke Bags was born…

Jenn’s background is in education. She has a degree in Music Therapy and has worked as a Music Therapist for public schools, private schools, and individually as a private contractor. This broad experience allowed her to work with and support amazing teachers and specialists day in and day out. When she had her own children she took many of the things she learned from her 10+ years of experience in education and applied them to her own kids.

Jenn combined her creative skills and educational tools to build Keke. Welcome!

At Keke our core beliefs go into everything that we do.

We believe that having the right tools helps you parent better.

We believe that creativity and exploration foster learning and development.

We believe that sometimes half the battle of parenting is getting organized.

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